Category: Revolt

Farewell my Republic

From holly crusades and revolutions to the underground debauchery and parenthood, it is a 20 year quest to survive and thrive in the complexity of Egypt.

Men of Faith

Exploring the thread linking men rooted in religion, political ideology and the military, done in an experimental format.

Mister President’s Swans

The legacy of Egypt-USSR comradeship, the Egyptian State ballet survived wars, presidents and fires, and then in 2012, the dancers faced a new foe.

In Her Football Shoes

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” shouts the couch. It is a small leap for Faiza, but a giant one for women’s football in Egypt.

The City as a Playground

In Cairo, tension is thick, traffic is mad and infrastructure is asphyxiating. But a group of young man push the limits of this megapolis and themselves. This article is about their scars, broken bones, arrests and, finally, their liberation.

Swine Flu Could Spell the End of Garbage City

A reportage from the “epicenter” of a pandemic – Cairo’s notorious garbage district.