Author: Mona Abouissa

The City as a Playground

In Cairo, tension is thick, traffic is mad and infrastructure is asphyxiating. But a group of young man push the limits of this megapolis and themselves. This article is about their scars, broken bones, arrests and, finally, their liberation.

The Memoirs of a Prisoner

“Prison was a school of life,” says Bisher, 44, who spent more than half of his life in Israeli prisons. Above him is a photo of him with his brother, smiling, with a background of waterfall wallpaper taken by an Israeli prison photographer.

In a Transit Country

An investigation into the Iraqi refugee community in Cairo, never able to trust Egypt or return home, stuck in transit at the mercy of NGOs.

Swine Flu Could Spell the End of Garbage City

A reportage from the “epicenter” of a pandemic – Cairo’s notorious garbage district.

Conversations with the Deaf

It is hard to live in Egypt with a disability, with unequipped infrastructure and deformed stereotypes – and no state support. The article is about being unheard.

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