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Salafeyo Costa

A short TV documentary I made for CBC TV in Cairo about men with beards (in Arabic). Continue reading

Dancing With the City

I don’t like people watching me. Well I look foreign and have a mole a centimeter in diameter on my face, so in Egypt people usually look at me when I pass by. It takes a skill to adapt to the voyeuristic public space in Egypt. I wear ‘Sex Pistols – God save the queen’ t-shirt and crack jokes, again, about my mole, to prod this public preoccupation. Those boys, they fly right through it. You are judged in public. Continue reading

Swine Flu could spell the end of Garbage City

The way to kill a pig is different than the way to kill a cow, for the latter you slit its throat and let the blood drain out. Whereas a pig’s arteries run underneath a thick skin and a layer of fat. The way to kill a pig is to stab a knife through the neck so it passes through the animal’s heart. The brown pigs don’t go quietly, they make very creepy sounds. I declined the dinner invitation that day.
Continue reading

In a Transit Country

Are we – journalists – here only to report or to create change, even a small one? I feel that someone’s life can be moved an inch or two, hopefully, in the right direction, if I’m just with that someone, holding his gun, her sleeping pills, hearing aid, a picture, a hand… A journalist always has an in and out ticket. I am just a passerby in these people’s lives. But when I feel down, I remember their “thank you” and I think I might get a piece of Heaven at the end for what I do. Continue reading

A Warehouse Theater

I like this man Continue reading