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Between landmines and apples

What skills do you need in war’s aftermath? Have a good intake capacity. I’ve never drunk that much coffee in my life. Would you say no to another shot of strong coffee from the hands of a hosting family, or worse, to a family whose father’s mourning you crashed? The same applies to Vodka shots with communist druze while toasting comrade Vladimir Lenin. Later, you see the whole aftermath in a new odd, inappropriate, light.
The Golan mountains are lonely at night. Continue reading

In a Transit Country

Are we – journalists – here only to report or to create change, even a small one? I feel that someone’s life can be moved an inch or two, hopefully, in the right direction, if I’m just with that someone, holding his gun, her sleeping pills, hearing aid, a picture, a hand… A journalist always has an in and out ticket. I am just a passerby in these people’s lives. But when I feel down, I remember their “thank you” and I think I might get a piece of Heaven at the end for what I do. Continue reading