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The Singing Brothers

I hoped they would have beards, but they were clean shaven. Beards, like vocals or religion, are political under those florescent lights. I didn’t write after this story for a year. I got an award for it though [the Anna Lindh Mediterranean award 2012]. And champagne won’t be the same any more, or sorbet on the Muslim Brother’s victory parade. Continue reading

Ghost Workers

Forged papers, secret routes, police checkpoints, the constant threat of violence – welcome to the world of Palestinians labouring illegally in Israel, helping to build the very country that restricts them. Continue reading

Between landmines and apples

What skills do you need in war’s aftermath? Have a good intake capacity. I’ve never drunk that much coffee in my life. Would you say no to another shot of strong coffee from the hands of a hosting family, or worse, to a family whose father’s mourning you crashed? The same applies to Vodka shots with communist druze while toasting comrade Vladimir Lenin. Later, you see the whole aftermath in a new odd, inappropriate, light.
The Golan mountains are lonely at night. Continue reading

Under the Scalpel

Operating rooms are the most vulnerable part of hospitals, there on the operating table patients lives are literally cut open and exposed. There are often painful headlines in the newspapers about Egyptian operating rooms, or another busy day for the … Continue reading

Dubai eyes the jewel of the past to bring back the lustre of pearls

There are two things that are cool in Dubai: skyscrapers and pearl culture. The past and future of the city built solely on oil and the disturbing imagination of engineers and businessmen. The soul is lost in the transition from a village to a trade hub. People driven to this city to build their dreams, or someone else’s. Continue reading