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A Warehouse Theater

I like this man Continue reading

Fashion photography is a big lie!

What if what comes out of your interviewee’s mouth sounds too plastic? If you are not convinced about what that person does/says? Research and you might learn something new. That’s what happened to me here. Fashion photography. Staged performances. Glamour. Money. Glimmer on perfect skins. Continue reading

The Tale of a Little Resort

“The children of the world need love!” they cried in one voice. Echoes of the Third World War came from the lips of the human-size carrot and cow. Continue reading

Odyssey on Two Wheels: East Coast of Sinai, Egypt

Four legs. Five wheels. 220 kilometers. Six days. Digestive biscuits. Steak. Diarrhea. Dreams of zombie rabbits in a deserted 40km long wadi. Sun. Sea. Muscle pain. Finish. Continue reading