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Revolution? [part one]

Writer Ala’a Aswany is for & editor Abdallah Kamal is against. An icon of feminism Nawal Saadawy & new culture minister Emad Abou Ghazi. Dreaming young revolutionaries & a flamboyant circus director.Those who they call evil & good in one article. I asked one question ‘what’s next’, they talked. Four days, nine interviews, a frantic search for contacts. I’m glad to have met all these people. Now I’m waiting for the interesting part of the revolution – the aftermath. Until then, where’s my cocktail-party jacket? Continue reading

Revolution? [part two]

The week after these interviews, Dr. Ala’a Aswany argued with former PM Marshal Ahmed Shafik on a TV show, next day Shafik resigned as a result. Mohamed Sawy became minister of culture for two weeks, but was replaced by Dr. Emad Abou Ghazi after new PM Essam Sharaf reshuffled the cabinet. Abdallah Kamal is facing serious protests and fighting for his position at Rosa Yusef newspaper. Nawal Saadawy is overseas but is due to return. And young revolutionaries are still dreaming and struggling. Continue reading

The memoirs of a prisoner

They had their own resistance behind bars, they adapted, they went on hunger strikes, they learnt literature and languages and they kept on growing up. Now they want to catch up with world that went on without them. Continue reading

A Warehouse Theater

I like this man Continue reading

Fashion photography is a big lie!

What if what comes out of your interviewee’s mouth sounds too plastic? If you are not convinced about what that person does/says? Research and you might learn something new. That’s what happened to me here. Fashion photography. Staged performances. Glamour. Money. Glimmer on perfect skins. Continue reading