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The Singing Brothers

I hoped they would have beards, but they were clean shaven. Beards, like vocals or religion, are political under those florescent lights. I didn’t write after this story for a year. I got an award for it though [the Anna Lindh Mediterranean award 2012]. And champagne won’t be the same any more, or sorbet on the Muslim Brother’s victory parade. Continue reading

Ghost Workers

Forged papers, secret routes, police checkpoints, the constant threat of violence – welcome to the world of Palestinians labouring illegally in Israel, helping to build the very country that restricts them. Continue reading

Salafeyo Costa

A short TV documentary I made for CBC TV in Cairo about men with beards (in Arabic). Continue reading

Mister President’s Circus

I traveled around Egypt with one of the most magical of Egyptian government departments: the State Circus. Continue reading

Dancing With the City

I don’t like people watching me. Well I look foreign and have a mole a centimeter in diameter on my face, so in Egypt people usually look at me when I pass by. It takes a skill to adapt to the voyeuristic public space in Egypt. I wear ‘Sex Pistols – God save the queen’ t-shirt and crack jokes, again, about my mole, to prod this public preoccupation. Those boys, they fly right through it. You are judged in public. Continue reading